Communities In Development - Griffin Living
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Communities In Development

At Griffin Living™, we are continually adding to our family of senior living communities. Below you will find some of our communities that are currently in the planning and development phase.


West Oaks Senior Living

The community of Thousand Oaks has a real need for more assisted living communities. From 2000 to 2010, the population of residents age 85+ has increased by 56.1%, and there were 11,641 households in Thousand Oaks with residents who were 65 or older in 2010. We are committed to help fulfill this need. So in 2014, with the encouragement of the Thousand Oaks Council of Aging, Griffin Living™ began the entitlement process for a new innovative senior living community at 95 Duesenberg Drive in the prestigious Westlake Hills area of California. Throughout the development process, the team at Griffin Living™ has been working closely with both the City of Thousand Oaks and the local homeowners’ community of Westlake Hills. This heartfelt collaboration has helped us develop a “community that truly works for the community” with features such as a “village-like” design that includes elegant courtyards, beautiful landscaping that surrounds the property, and a combination of wide setbacks and striking architectural elements that give depth and elegance to this… > TELL ME MORE

Assisted living – Memory Care

Acworth – Georgia

  • Status: Approved Entitlements
  • Total Building Count: 81 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 57 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 24 Units
  • Total Building Size: 75,157 Sq. Ft.
Boca Raton
Assisted living – Memory Care

Boca Raton – Florida

  • Status: Close to Approvals
  • Total Building Count: 91Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 54 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 37Units
  • Total Building Size: 82,834 Sq. Ft.
Assisted living – Memory Care

Danbury – Connecticut

  • Status: Close to Approvals
  • Total Building Count: 90 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 61 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 29 Units
  • Total Building Size: 77,517 Sq. Ft.
Rancho Mirage
Assisted living – Memory Care

Rancho Mirage – California

  • Status: Early Forward Planning
  • Total Building Count: 86 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 55 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 31 Units
  • Total Building Size: 78,106 Sq. Ft.
San Juan Capistrano
Assisted living – Memory Care

San Juan Capistrano – California

  • Status: Early Forward Planning
  • Total Building Count: 86 Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 58 Units
  • Memory Care Count: 28 Units
  • Total Building Size: 77,096 Sq. Ft.
Assisted living – Memory Care

Temecula – California

  • Status: Early Forward Planning
  • Total Building Count: 85Units
  • Assisted Living Count: 60Units
  • Memory Care Count: 25 Units
  • Total Building Size: 77,200 Sq. Ft.
For more information or to see more of our communities please contact us.